"At that time, in the first post-war years, communism appeared to be very strong
and dangerous - much more than in 1920"

Germans are leaving Krakow and Poland
A miracle in Lublin
New authority, new order

The “liberation” of Poland by the Red Army
was tantamount to subordination of the country
to the Soviet Union and the construction of a communist system.

Black Sunday

"History of my priestly vocation?
This story is known primarily
to God Himself"

In August 1944, the occupants
organized the so-called "Black Sunday",
in fear that an uprising similar to
the one in Warsaw may break out.

Black Sunday


"Student Karol Wojtyła did not hesitate
to accompany us during visits to people
and institutions, collecting donations for
the poorest of our academic brothers,
although he himself had almost nothing"

Shortly after the occupation of the city
by the Red Army, a student of the Faculty
of Theology of the Jagiellonian University
Karol Wojtyła becomes the vice president
of the "Bratniak" association.


On the floor

"It's you, Peter. You are the floor,
that others may walk over you"

During the Catholic ceremony on All Saints' Day
Karol Wojtyła was ordained a priest
by Archbishop Adam Sapieha.

Priestly ordination
Cleric Wojtyla
Fr. Józef Bryła met Karol Wojtyła in the Krakow Seminary. What did he remember?

Studies in Rome

"Through Rome my young priesthood
has become part of a new European
and universal dimension"

Shortly after being ordained,
Fr. Wojtyła left to take 2-year
doctoral studies in Rome.

Studies in Rome

in Niegowić

"When I was crossing the boundaries
of the parish in Niegowić,
I knelt and kissed the land"

After returning to Poland in 1948, Fr. Wojtyła received
his first pastoral assignment in the village of Niegowić
(as a vicar), Gdów commune.

Curates in Niegowić
Anecdotes from Niegowić period
What did the housekeeper say about Fr. Wojtyla? What did the young vicar give to the mother with the child?
card. Adam
Stefan Sapieha
card. Adam Stefan Sapieha
Irena Szkocka
card. Andrzej
Maria Deskur
card. Andrzej Maria Deskur
St. John of the Cross
St. John of the Cross
prof. Reginald
Garrigou-Lagrange OP
prof. Réginald Marie Garrigou-Lagrange OP



"Under the occupation, the Metropolitan Archbishop founded a conspiratorial Seminary, placing it under the roof of his residence"


"I taught religion in five primary schools, in villages belonging to the parish in Niegowici, where I was carried in a horse-drawn cart or carriage"


"...to venture into Rome. It's a chapter absolutely impossible to be enlightened in a few sentences"

Interesting facts
A charity ball
A dispensation (canon law) for a charity ball
Tour in Europe
Tour in Europe

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