"Be demanding of the world around you, but above all demand of yourselves"

Student revolt in Western Europe and the USA
Catholic University of Lublin

When the cultural changes that peaked in 1968 took place in the West,
in Poland the communist authorities controlled
the universities and their curriculum.


"It is the university's job to teach too,
but in fact, it is intended for people
to learn to think for themselves..."

Karol Wojtyła lectured at the Catholic University
of Lublin from 1954
until his election as Pope.

Prof. Karol Wojtyła accompanied by Rev. Tadeusz Stycznia (right)
and Father Stanislaw Gula, June 1967. Photo: M. Hałasa/archive
of KUL
Direction: Lublin

In the auditorium
and in the clearing

"In the glade, he took out a bunch of pape
from behind his bosom and asked:
"Do you want to discuss love?".

The "Święta Lipka" group brought together students
who took part in the philosophical camps.
One of their Masters was Fr. Karol Wojtyła.

The image of the Mother of God in the sanctuary in Svatá Lipka.
In the auditorium and in the clearing


"Editors, scientists, doctors, artists came to me...
Various symposia were also organized
- the house was almost always busy, full of life".

The Cracow Metropolitan met with scholars
in their private homes, where they discussed
detailed sciences and philosophy.

Photo: Jerzy Ciesielski, Ochotnica Górna, 1955.
Philosophical reunions

The Priority
w of the Human Person

"...our deeds, will they manage
to grasp it to the bottom,
all those deep truths
that it befits us to think about?"

As a philosopher, Karol Wojtyła presented the current of personalism,
for which man is a point of reference.

During the defence of the dissertation, June 1967.
Photo M. Hałasa/archive of KUL
The Priority of the Human Person - scientific and philosophical thought
Stefan Swieżawski
Stefan Swieżawski
Jerzy Antoni Janik
Max Scheler
St. Thomas
St. Thomas Aquinas
Fr. Tadeusz
Tadeusz Styczeń
Wanda Półtawska



Święta Lipka
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Hole in the fence
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You'll pass with flying colors!
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